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Tom Cruise as Your Content Strategist in 2021!

Love Tom Cruise? Who doesn’t?!

Let me tell you, Tom Cruise is an amazing content strategist when it comes to reaching the audiences and benefit your business.  

We all want him to be our content strategist and just imagine him being your guide in it. Wow.

Just keep reading and enlighten yourselves with how Tom Cruise can benefit with being your content strategist!

The Star

tom cruise star

Tom Cruise is arguably the best and among the highest paid actors. He is no doubt a SUPERSTAR! He knows how to run a brand and how make himself a brand. There are numerous things which can be learnt from Cruise from reputation management to content making.

Guess what? His brand strategy is not so complicated or anything like that rather it is simple, really, just simple. Tom Cruise does this by entertaining his core audience with the content he makes already and also entertaining his critics by delivering such content. Not just that, he still has fresh and new content all ready in his pocket everytime which give him that “fresh” edge everytime we see him (and get amazed).

The Approach: 70-20-10

The Portent’s Ian Lurie subscribes to the 70-20-10 approach which is a slight modification of Coca-Cola’s famous value and significance strategy (Jonathan Mildenhall). We also subscribe to this approach because:

  • This approach is a thoughtful and a useful method of building entertaining and responsive brand content.
  • Ian’s the MAN!

So what exactly is this 70-20-10 thing?

  • 70% solidness – So, 70% of your content should be very solid and completely belong to your niche. That’s what a basic content strategist does; building relatable strong content. This also covers the beauty of the content along with the SEO efforts.
  • 20% of risk – This is the big game now. This 20% is actually the explanation of your 70% but with rough edges. No, you don’t need to clean those edges, in fact, keep them. These edges are going to attract new audiences with different taste and also the critics. So what’s the risk here? Risk is to add controversial and spicy edges to this 20%. This going to boost your audience along with your core audience. As Elon Musk’s life example, risk is going to boost you up.
  • 10% of innovation – This last 10% should be completely innovative. This is something new to your content comprising of ideas. This going to keep your audience cautious of your content because you are unexpected and they would want more of you!

How Tom Cruise Does this 70-20-10 Approach?

It’s simple as stated above. Let me enlighten you:

  • 70% times he is a Movie Star – You don’t need much of the explanation here. Tom is being Tom here… the Mega Action Star! From Maverick in ‘Top Gun’ to Ethan Hunt in his impossible missions, this man has attracted the core action lovers with the character having a tragedic past and ending up being the most heroic.
  • 20% times he is an Actor – Tom is still being Tom here but this is where is show us his acting skills and reminds us he is not just the action man but a talented actor too. He risked him period film like ‘The Last Samurai’ to a masked character film ‘Vanilla Sky’. Those reminded us that he is an actor – a skilled actor. These risks made him what he is today.
  • 10% is where he becomes Sceptic – This is what makes him unpredictable. Tom isn’t Tom here. He is a Iconocast, a Sceptic. This is where art comes into play. His innovation is so successful and can be seen in ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ and a motivational speaker (unexpected role) in ‘Magnolia’. These were such a great success that both made him an Oscar nominee. But remember the reaction of an action; the huge 10% upside and be a downside as well… of the same intent. Believe me, watch ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ or ‘Rock on Ages’ ….maybe don’t.

This is what will make him your next and the best content strategist.

Is It Really Important?

top gun

Yes, it is. We always want to rank our content among the top and eventually desire for it to become the top itself. But to reach that rank, lots of brain activity is required. This is something that cannot be purchased with money. This is where your creativity and best strategies win. 

A simple theory: involve, evolve … or dissolve.

Tom is Tom because embraced the change. His change in choices and implementing risks made him what he is today. The “Everything available here” slogans and ad campaigns are history. People have many alternatives.

The Frightening 10%

The risks are scary, very scary, but they are the ones that make you successful. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take risks. Risk mitigation means to embrace, accept and manage those risks which you are about to take and how you are going to take them. Just like a boxer, he bends himself first only to land a huge uppercut. That uppercut is your risk and bending is you embracing choices.

Tom Cruise is an amazing example of Content Strategist, we know, but he is for sure afraid of his 10% part as well. He had many setbacks in building this 10% but this made him realize his mistakes to blow back a stronger move. He learnt from those setbacks and enlightened himself with his lackings and came to know more about his audience, brand and deliverables. 

The character of Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder” SAVED Tom Cruise after the infamous lounge chair bouncing occurrence. The presentation made him open; it demonstrated individuals he could snicker at himself.

The best 10% content can be recreated, joining the 20, and now and then even the 70 (for instance, think about Tom Hanks… from comic blockhead to a 2-time Oscar victor).


So the bottom line is that you can take him as your content strategist as his films and success are your visual mentoring. In order to make a successful brand content, you might need to take risks and build the content that scares you. That frightening feeling will bring the best out of you. 

Let Tom Cruise be a model for your content building techniques, or comprehend that you’ll never accomplish a top ranked status. Rather, you and your business will be consigned to the direct-to-video rack.

Well, maybe, you like Jean Claude Van Damme? Let us know in the comments!

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