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Tom Cruise as Your Content Strategist in 2021!

Love Tom Cruise? Who doesn’t?!

Let me tell you, Tom Cruise is an amazing content strategist when it comes to reaching the audiences and benefit your business.  

We all want him to be our content strategist and just imagine him being your guide in it. Wow.

Just keep reading and enlighten yourselves with how Tom Cruise can benefit with being your content strategist!

The Star

tom cruise star

Tom Cruise is arguably the best and among the highest paid actors. He is no doubt a SUPERSTAR! He knows how to run a brand and how make himself a brand. There are numerous things which can be learnt from Cruise from reputation management to content making.

Guess what? His brand strategy is not so complicated or anything like that rather it is simple, really, just simple. Tom Cruise does this by entertaining his core audience with the content he makes already and also entertaining his critics by delivering such content. Not just that, he still has fresh and new content all ready in his pocket everytime which give him that “fresh” edge everytime we see him (and get amazed).

The Approach: 70-20-10

The Portent’s Ian Lurie subscribes to the 70-20-10 approach which is a slight modification of Coca-Cola’s famous value and significance strategy (Jonathan Mildenhall). We also subscribe to this approach because:

  • This approach is a thoughtful and a useful method of building entertaining and responsive brand content.
  • Ian’s the MAN!

So what exactly is this 70-20-10 thing?

  • 70% solidness – So, 70% of your content should be very solid and completely belong to your niche. That’s what a basic content strategist does; building relatable strong content. This also covers the beauty of the content along with the SEO efforts.
  • 20% of risk – This is the big game now. This 20% is actually the explanation of your 70% but with rough edges. No, you don’t need to clean those edges, in fact, keep them. These edges are going to attract new audiences with different taste and also the critics. So what’s the risk here? Risk is to add controversial and spicy edges to this 20%. This going to boost your audience along with your core audience. As Elon Musk’s life example, risk is going to boost you up.
  • 10% of innovation – This last 10% should be completely innovative. This is something new to your content comprising of ideas. This going to keep your audience cautious of your content because you are unexpected and they would want more of you!

How Tom Cruise Does this 70-20-10 Approach?

It’s simple as stated above. Let me enlighten you:

  • 70% times he is a Movie Star – You don’t need much of the explanation here. Tom is being Tom here… the Mega Action Star! From Maverick in ‘Top Gun’ to Ethan Hunt in his impossible missions, this man has attracted the core action lovers with the character having a tragedic past and ending up being the most heroic.
  • 20% times he is an Actor – Tom is still being Tom here but this is where is show us his acting skills and reminds us he is not just the action man but a talented actor too. He risked him period film like ‘The Last Samurai’ to a masked character film ‘Vanilla Sky’. Those reminded us that he is an actor – a skilled actor. These risks made him what he is today.
  • 10% is where he becomes Sceptic – This is what makes him unpredictable. Tom isn’t Tom here. He is a Iconocast, a Sceptic. This is where art comes into play. His innovation is so successful and can be seen in ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ and a motivational speaker (unexpected role) in ‘Magnolia’. These were such a great success that both made him an Oscar nominee. But remember the reaction of an action; the huge 10% upside and be a downside as well… of the same intent. Believe me, watch ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ or ‘Rock on Ages’ ….maybe don’t.

This is what will make him your next and the best content strategist.

Is It Really Important?

top gun

Yes, it is. We always want to rank our content among the top and eventually desire for it to become the top itself. But to reach that rank, lots of brain activity is required. This is something that cannot be purchased with money. This is where your creativity and best strategies win. 

A simple theory: involve, evolve … or dissolve.

Tom is Tom because embraced the change. His change in choices and implementing risks made him what he is today. The “Everything available here” slogans and ad campaigns are history. People have many alternatives.

The Frightening 10%

The risks are scary, very scary, but they are the ones that make you successful. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take risks. Risk mitigation means to embrace, accept and manage those risks which you are about to take and how you are going to take them. Just like a boxer, he bends himself first only to land a huge uppercut. That uppercut is your risk and bending is you embracing choices.

Tom Cruise is an amazing example of Content Strategist, we know, but he is for sure afraid of his 10% part as well. He had many setbacks in building this 10% but this made him realize his mistakes to blow back a stronger move. He learnt from those setbacks and enlightened himself with his lackings and came to know more about his audience, brand and deliverables. 

The character of Les Grossman in “Tropic Thunder” SAVED Tom Cruise after the infamous lounge chair bouncing occurrence. The presentation made him open; it demonstrated individuals he could snicker at himself.

The best 10% content can be recreated, joining the 20, and now and then even the 70 (for instance, think about Tom Hanks… from comic blockhead to a 2-time Oscar victor).


So the bottom line is that you can take him as your content strategist as his films and success are your visual mentoring. In order to make a successful brand content, you might need to take risks and build the content that scares you. That frightening feeling will bring the best out of you. 

Let Tom Cruise be a model for your content building techniques, or comprehend that you’ll never accomplish a top ranked status. Rather, you and your business will be consigned to the direct-to-video rack.

Well, maybe, you like Jean Claude Van Damme? Let us know in the comments!

dropshipping guide

What is Dropshipping? Is it still profitable in 2021?

Dropshipping is actually purchasing something from website and sell it for a higher price on another website. Dropshipping is essentially a service in which the dropshipper connects bridges the gap between the consumer and the manufacturer/wholesaler. It’s a form of e-commerce internet marketing where the vendor “buys” the product through their discount supplier or direct from the factory after you have bought the product from the vendour at a storefront price.

 It saves your money as it cuts out many layer of men, when buying from these vendors  or dropshippers. As you may already have heard about  Amazon, eBay, Zappo etc these all big names started out with dropshipping and today these are making an amazing amount of income on sites. This type of e-commerce has become very lucrative.

Today, all the main markets is doing dropshipping. Some popular examples include:

• Dropshopping from eBay to eBay

• Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay

• Dropshipping to Aliexpress to eBay

How does Dropshipping work?

It’s a supplier chain management: suppliers, dropshippers, customer. Customer place order to dropshippers, then dropshippers purchase goods and send to customer information to their supplier worldwide and supplier send the item to the customers is formal deal. 

Parties that are involved in dropshipping:

• Manufacturers create the products. They usually don’t sell to the public; they sell in bulk to wholesalers and retailers instead.

• Wholesalers buy products from manufacturers, and then mark them up before selling them to retailers. Wholesalers usually stock products from a variety of manufacturers.

• Retailers sell products directly to the public, at a markup.

And following are the part and parcel of the dropshipping 

1- A customer visits your online store, orders a product, and gives you the money, the retailer.

2- The retailer automatically or manually forwards the order and customer details to the dropship supplier. 

3- The dropshipping partner charges you, the retailer, for the service, and you charge the customer.

Plus point:

¤ You keep the difference between the sales price and the wholesale price of your item.

Some other important factors include:

Supplier – you need to begin searching for the right wholesaler/supplier to supply your business. The supplier will be responsible for your order fulfillment with physical inventory.One of the most popular sources for suppliers is AliExpress or Alibaba including more independent suppliers as well 

Your store – This is the actual e-commerce store where  you just need to upload the product catalog, including clean images, item details, and a unique description. There are different e-commerce platforms that work well, with WooCommerce and Shopify being the two most popular options.

Customer – After an order is placed, you will get a notification, and you can direct it to your supplier. You only need to pay your supplier when a converted visitor makes the payment.


It saves space/no inventory cost – One of the good thing you’ll find in this is that there’s no need of warehouse and pile up the inventories.This means you, as a retailer, can sell a variety of products without ever having to stock any inventory whatsoever. This makes drop shipping very appealing for new, small, home-based online businesses.

Reduces risk – Dropshipping decreases the dangers required with beginning up a business or venturing into another market, as though things do not work out, you are not left with a huge number of items in your distribution centre which later you need to offer cheap price.

Managing imbalance demand – since retailers cannot predict demand with assurance, they should hold inventory to cover the unpredictability in demand. Retailers with smaller request must keep in substantial amounts and have higher conveying costs. 

As client demands fluctuates at the retailer level, It turns out to be further beneficial for retailers with minor requests not to hold physical items. It is expected that the decrease in retailer stock expenses brought by drop shipping will make up for the higher expenses at the provider level.

Increased product diversity – There is no limitation of space or overhead cost. As a retailer, you’re free to offer your customers something they love: abundance of choices. It provides you vast and ever-changing inventory that makes sale more profitable.

Flexible Location – Without the physical barriers of a warehouse, your business can follow and grow with you wherever you go. 


Less control- When you hand over the shipping process to a third party, you have to let go of some control. For some of us, that can be an excellent exercise in character development, but it also comes with a hefty dose of risk. If the dropshipper makes an error and leaves your customer displeased, that reflects on your business. This is why it’s absolutely vital that you work with a safe, verified dropshipper.

High competition -The same low barrier to entry that makes dropshipping attractive creates heavy competition. Other stores aren’t selling similar products — they’re selling the same products from the same third-party manufacturers. You’ll have to find other ways to stand out in order to compete. 

Tip: to beat up your competitors you have to be innovative.

Margins Are Lower- Not having to invest upfront in inventory and continue paying for storage and replenishment is a huge plus, but the trade-off is that your margins are much lower. The potential to profit from customer purchases is much more limited.

Shipping complexities- A notable downside of dropshipping is that a single purchaser order may contain items from various suppliers and thus will be disjointed. If organizations work with different suppliers, which mainly all e-retailors do, the items on company website will be traced over a number of various drop shippers. This confuses and increases shipping expenses.

If companies can handle these disadvantages, they will have high competitive advantages among competitors. None of any model is perfect, it is question of how organizations accept these threats and change them to opportunities.

Common Query: Is Dropshipping legal?

Assume, you create a webstore, research the offers of  providers to fill your stores with the best possible goods to attract customer and provide them your goods. After finishing their orders, your customers get the bundles with the purchased items and you get your money. 

Your profit here’s the distinction between the original price and the fixed price by the product supplier also increased price you have set on your store.

There’s something wrong or illegal with this strategy? It’s totally legal. This is the reason there are plenty of websites on web linked at dropshipping and nobody blocks them. 

Is Dropshipping profitable?

Increasing rate of e-commerce activities shows that the dropshipping is profitable.Ecommerce and dropshipping profits have reached over $4 billion, which is a 7 percent year on year increase for the last 10 years.

Moreover, small retailers are seeing an almost 30% increase in conversion rates through smartphones.


In this fastest era of e-commerce, dropshipping is one of the simple and safe option to start a business with less capital.

It’s time to take action and start searching your suppliers. Once you start doing it there’s no need to look backwards until and unless you won’t succeed in dropshipping.

Enlighten me with your thoughts too!

marketing your business

Places Where You Can Market Your Business Economically (2021)

At the point when spending plans are tight, online marketing may be the main cost you hope to cut. 

Just stop in that spot. 

While conventional promoting strategies are expensive and difficult to gauge, independent ventures have never had more noteworthy access to financially savvy, identifiable marketing tools. 

In any case, with such huge numbers of advanced instruments accessible, how would you realize where to begin? 

Email marketing is the time tested digital marketing channel with a normal return of $38 for each $1 spent. 

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Small business marketing (SMB) administrations are only the beginning. Here are some advertising techniques that can assist you with showcasing your private company on a careful spending plan.

The Elevator Pitch

You ought to market constantly — any place you are. Along these lines, you need a convincing elevator pitch. 

Exploration shows the normal ability to focus of a grown-up is around six to eight seconds. That is constantly you need to catch somebody’s eye. 

On the off chance that you effectively draw in them, at that point you just have barely a moment to truly sell them on your item or administration. Contribute an opportunity to create an amazing lift pitch. The arrival on your speculation will deliver enormous profits as far as making business openings.

Influence Your Community

You don’t need to prepare to stun the world with regards to your advertising endeavors. Think locally. What’s happening in your community? 

Support a small team or a charity walk. Print bookmarks and leave them at the neighborhood library. Become acquainted with your optimal client and consider how and where they invest their energy. 

At that point look for chances to get before your client with your marketing message.

Make a Blog and Post Great Substance

Plainly, the most significant way you can advertise your business online is to create a blog where you can post and offer top notch content that includes a surpassing high measure of significant worth all the time. This is unquestionably a drawn out procedure, and it won’t take care of for the time being, however every business visionary needs to comprehend the significance of grasping this web based promoting strategy. 

Not exclusively does building a vital blog in any industry or specialty help to drive traffic by cresting the enthusiasm of Google, yet it likewise prompts making authority. In the event that you can turn into an expert in your industry, you’ll gather the consideration of customers, the media and entrepreneurs the same. That, thus, will snowball, assemble greater power, and in the end, colossal measures of perceivability and deals.

Advertise Yourself on Quora and Medium

In case you’re hoping to get some early traffic, and you have a genuinely new webpage – under 2 years of age with little position developed – you should chip away at marketing your content on destinations like Medium and Quora. How can it work? Think of one excellent bit of content on your site. Ensure its catchphrase driven, quick, and special and includes a great deal of significant worth. Guarantee that whatever you’re discussing helps individuals here and there, shape or structure. 

When you’ve done that, compose another article on a site like Medium or Quora, additionally ensuring that it’s watchword driven, savvy, exceptional and includes a great deal of significant worth. Make one connection from that article utilizing an essential or pertinent catchphrase back to the principle article on your webpage or blog. This is called content showcasing, and it’s the most remarkable technique for picking up footing on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page(s)), while additionally contacting enormous existing crowds through these position destinations too.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads, while not free, offer an incredible open door for arriving at the correct socioeconomics for your business. For whatever length of time that you realize your client well, you can utilize measurements like interests, geographic area, conjugal status, age and numerous others, to find possible shoppers to send to deliberately focused on presentation pages, otherwise called crush pages. 

Examination with miniaturized scale spends to see which promotion duplicate and crush page gets the best reactions for dropping buyers into your business funnel. It may require some investment to locate the correct blend or formula with regards to promoting on a stage like Facebook, yet once your crusade is beneficial, you should simply keep on scaling.

Useful YouTube Tutorials

YouTube offers an extraordinary asset for marketing your business on the internet. While you may discover some rubbing at the beginning for building your audience, on the off chance that you centre on making helpful video content, in the end, you’ll arrive at an immense measure of individuals. Once more, you need to concentrate on including an incentive absent a lot of worry for producing benefit. 

YouTube is an incredible asset for instructional exercises since you can show individuals pretty much anything in a straightforward configuration. Regardless of whether you’re screen-sharing to show an advanced expertise, or you’re catching something in reality, simply guarantee that the nature of the chronicle and the general substance is high. Likewise, make certain to drop a connection inside the depiction back to pertinent content your site.

 The Great: Email Marketing!

Email marketing is something that each entrepreneur ought to be occupied with, yet it’s no simple accomplishment. To prevail with email advertising, you have to part with something for nothing in return for the buyer’s email address. It should be something of significant worth. On the off chance that you are not kidding about gathering messages, set aside the effort to make a free report or digital book that will help individuals in your industry or specialty. At that point, build up a relationship with that customer through trickle took care of crusades utilizing a framework like Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact or MailChimp. Be that as it may, don’t attempt to sell at each corner and turn. Associate first; at that point centre on selling.

Client Building on Trust Pilot and Yelp

One of the boundaries keeping down entrepreneurs and experts the same is that of trust. Individuals are hesitant to confide in organizations that they don’t have direct information on or realize somebody who’s worked with them. Plainly, locales like Yelp can help with that, however so can a site like Trust Pilot. 

Trust Pilot and Yelp are explicitly devoted to helping buyers locate the correct organization to work with, and it expands straightforwardness by furnishing past clients’ encounters with the organization. These locales are the biggest on the planet for online audits and ought to be utilized to assist work with trusting with likely purchasers.

The Social Media

There are various high-area authority destinations that you can post photographs and recordings on to manufacture an after. Pintrest, Tumblr and Instagram ring a bell first. Utilize applicable hashtags and depictions to appropriately order what you’re posting about, and tail others in your industry or specialty posting with those hashtags.

This isn’t an internet marketing method that will get you moment deals or even moment traffic. It’ll require some investment. Yet, insofar as you’re including worth and you’re energetic about what you’re doing, you’ll develop that following over the coming months and years. Make certain to remark, as and connect with others’ posts however much as could be expected so as to get yourself out there before all else.

Team Up

Set up a gathering of synergistic, non-serious organizations in your general vicinity and consent to cross-advance. 

You can utilize coupons, fliers, complementary site joins, packaged advancements or internet based life stages. By working together with one another, you can grow your client base since you’ll be contacting new individuals.

Create a Buzz: Make a Speech!

Many individuals despise open talking. In any case, there are numerous associations searching for qualified, topic specialists who can present to their gatherings. 

Take a full breath and volunteer. You don’t need to be a genius as long as the data you share is useful to the crowd. Furthermore, the upside — the more you do it the simpler it gets. Besides, it positions you as a sound expert in your field.


Try not to be bashful about requesting client referrals. Most of individuals state they are eager to give a referral whenever asked, however not many step up to the plate and do it all alone. 

Referrals make it simpler to get in the entryway with new clients. On the off chance that you aren’t requesting them, you are passing up on chances.

The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 principle, or the Pareto Principle, expresses that 80 percent of the outcomes originate from 20 percent of the hardwork. Essentially, it’s just a little bit of what we do that really delivers results. Nonetheless, this additionally applies to deals, which expresses that 80 percent of your income originates from 20 percent of your customers. 

On the off chance that you can recognize which customers are creating the most pay for your business, you can scale your deals out by sending them extra offers and limits for different administrations and items. You can likewise outfit your digital marketing straightforwardly to these customers on the off chance that they’re utilizing a gateway framework to login or on the off chance that they’re being followed by treats.

Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)

Unmistakably, optimization of your website for applicable catchphrases/keywords is a significant part of advertising your business on the web. In any case, the one thing to remember is that if your business is new – under two years of age – and you’ve manufactured next to no position or substance, you will make some hard memories positioning at the highest point of Google’s SERPs for any watchword that is possibly serious. 

The objective is to fabricate astounding substance, yet in addition guarantee that you improve your site’s On-Page and Off-Page SEO. While this can turn into a protracted conversation, focus on things like your site’s speed, versatile ease of use, meta descriptions, social linking, understanding level, referring to of sources, content quality, savvy, etc. This is more compared to a long distance race than a run, so don’t get disheartened for the time being on the off chance that you don’t see huge outcomes.

Business Listing: Google Local and Yahoo Local

In case you’re maintaining a local business and hoping to pull in close by clients to a physical area or offering some expert help that is topographically explicit, you should list your business on nearby professional resource destinations, for example, Yahoo Local and Google Local. 

Google Local is a particularly incredible approach to list and check your business data, giving open subtleties, for example, your organization’s location for Google Maps appearances, store hours and other data identified with your business. Guarantee that you keep this data precise and cutting-edge.

Contribute to Niche-based Forums

Numerous individuals have the entire gathering procedure posting for SEO all off-base. They get out there and drop malicious connections, and they wonder why they’re booted off the discussions. You can’t do that. In case you’re not kidding about promoting your business on the web, when you do discover a niche-based forum, join discussions and add an incentive before you attempt to connect drop. 

Nobody prefers an individual who comes in as another visitor to a gathering and starts spamming joins. Once more, you need to consider doing the most measure of work for the least starting return. Include esteem. Talk with others. Make recommendations. Answer questions. Simply don’t spam joins. Add your connection to your mark after a couple of posts or after the guidelines of the discussion permit you to do as such, however don’t attempt to guide individuals to your site at each curve and turn. It won’t turn out to be well for you on the off chance that you do that.

Part With It

On the off chance that somebody has the chance to encounter your item or service; odds are they will need to buy more. 

Try not to be reluctant to give somebody a free preliminary or an example. In the present economy, individuals are progressively happy with buying something they have had the option to encounter first.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the economical marketing ways that will assist you with drawing in clients, fabricate connections, and eventually keep your image top-of-mind. It’s not generally about the cash you need to spend on showcasing, it’s about the time and exertion you put into it or more all, the pertinence it has for your clients.